Vege Supplements to the rescue

A common yet awfully challenging question to answer is how to make sure you get the necessary protein from a vegetarian diet. Proteins are the building blocks of the body and are essential for the body to grow stronger and repair muscles after workouts. During workouts, what we are essentially doing is using the muscle to a point where there are micro tears. Protein and a solid diet post work out is essential to stimulate these muscles to repair themselves and grow back bigger and stronger.

With a vegetarian diet it’s quite common to obtain 1 type of protein but not another. A pretty common option is of course lentils that are a huge protein source for vegans and vegetarians alive. The main point here is that this alone is not enough the body needs other types of proteins from different sources too like the protein found in corn for example.

There is a fallacy that it’s quite hard to get the right amount of protein as an athlete from a vegetarian diet. The truth is quite the opposite, usually beans and most vegetables already contain a certain percentage of protein to aid your daily intake. A cool option these days for vegetarian athletes is vegetarian protein supplements being offered by natural product stores like iherb. You can get a great deal by utilizing one of those iherb coupon codes too!

So what is a vegetarian protein supplement made of? Well there are quite a few that use a range of sources but the most common one you might see is Soy based. These supplements also have a range of nutrients added to make sure you get a whole suit of amino acids that is essential for the body. Plant based proteins are an amazing alternative that will supplement intake and help people do more. Cocoa and chocolate can be added too, for flavour and stimulating quick absorption.


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