Anatabloc Side Effects

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Antabloc is a supplement sold in some health food stores as a treatment for chronic inflammation and joint pain. The primary ingredient in the supplement is antabine. Antabine is chemically similar to nicotine, but has a longer half life. Many anti-smoking medications are looking to start using antabine as an ingredient in their products.

Antabloc is in the per-clinical stages so there has not been many peer reviewed studies on the supplement. Mouse testing conducted on antabine, the main ingredient in Antabloc, showed no side effects of note. Rabbit testing on the other hand showed that rabbits who were given antabine had babies with low birth weights. Although there have not been any reports of side effects people who use Antabloc should be aware that the supplement could alter their mood or emotional state. The chemical make-up is so close to that nicotine that this side effect cannot be ruled out.

It should be understood that this supplement is not FDA approved, as a supplement the FDA usually won’t get involved unless there is proof of harm. This means that this supplement does not have to go through the rigorous testing that a medication would have to go through. Without clinical studies on human beings there will likely be side effects discovered over the next few years as the population uses the supplement more and more.

All medications and supplements pose risks to the human body. Without further studies it can be hard to know what the risks are when using Antabloc and if those risks are worth using the supplement. Cost is also a concern with Antabloc; it is an expensive supplement to buy. For those in chronic pain it may be worth risking unknown side effects to use the supplement for relief. Some people who are desperate may also try the supplement as one study showed that is slowed the progression of certain age related diseases that attack the mental capabilities of their victims. The use of this supplement is a big decision and it should only be considered if you are in a lot of pain and other traditional forms of  proven medications that are FDA approved do not work. Hopefully over the next few years the manufacturers of Anabloc will further test their supplement, get FDA approval as a drug, or at least give the general population access to their studies and not just medical doctors.

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Metagenics UltraInflamX Side Effects

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Intestinal inflammation can be one of the most painful conditions for any patient suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases, or IBDs. Fortunately, today there are several drugs and food supplements that can rid you of such discomforts. UltraInflamX from Metagenics is one such popular product. It is effective against inflammation from IBDs like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, in addition to other ailments like rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. The manufacturer also claims that it can act as an antioxidant, reduce the generation of harmful free-radicals and maintain gastrointestinal mucosa integrity.

UltraInflamX is basically a blend of a wide range of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and amino acids. It’s mostly based on plant sources like turmeric, ginger and rosemary, which include several enzymes, cytokines and reactive species which can suppress inflammation. It also includes a protein concentrate extracted from rice bran. Most of the components are hypoallergenic, so that UltraInflamX can be used safely even by patients suffering from various allergies. While individual responses may vary, many patients claim to enjoyed positive results within the first few weeks of treatment. Good news is that UltraInflamX is also suitable for those who are sensitive to soy or lactose.
Since UltraInflamX is a food supplement, it should usually be administered as part of a dietary program. Usually this consists of three phases. During phase 1 which spans over the first week, the dose of UltraInflamX should be increased after eliminating all possible allergenic foods. Generally the dietary program will include food items like low-allergen starches such as oats, millet and rice, fresh and frozen vegetables, legumes and fish, while eliminating nightshade vegetables like bell peppers and tomatoes, dairy and meat. Next comes phase 2, lasting till the 25th day, where two servings of UltraInflamX should be taken daily while continuing the recommended dietary routine. The next phase is usually dependent on your response, and the decision lies in the hands of your doctor.

Despite the numerous claims of its effectiveness, UltraInflamX is also known to include some potential side effects. Perhaps the most prominent is vitamin A intoxication, resulting from high concentration of the vitamin in the product. The risk of birth defects is significant, so that the use of UltraInflamX is prohibited for pregnant and lactating mothers. Caffeine users are also doomed upon beginning to use UltraInflamX , as they would start suffering from headaches unless the use of caffeine is discontinued. You may also have to increase your fiber intake to avoid conditions like diarrhea and constipation while using UltraInflamX.
UltraInflamX , like other Metagenics products, are only available through licensed medical professionals. The company has even been warned by the FDA due to its attempts to promote UltraInflamX as a medical food. However, correct use of the supplement will certainly yield more benefits than problems. Its use may be long-term or short-term, depending on the occasion. When taking UltraInflamX, two level scoops of the powdered formula should be stirred with 8 ounces of distilled or mineral water, or some other beverage acceptable under the dietary guidelines.

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