1. sammer27

    been using rocalabs for a while now and I’m also diabetic but the good thing about this product is I’m losing my weight and it also help me lower down my sugar level. Just drink plenty of water for the roca to work and goodluck to all.

  2. Sandra

    I used the roca labs gastric bypass no surgery and it worked ok for me. Lost around 10 pounds last month and side effects were very mild. I think it is much better than the surgery.

  3. Cassey

    Losing weight using physical exercise and diet control can be difficult, but if you persevere it will have a hugely positive effect for the vast majority of diabetics. My mom is taking rocalabs which her doctor agreed on and I can say it has a great effect on her. She no longer crave for sweets and ended overeating which were her not so good eating problems.

  4. Debra

    Does this really works? I heard from one of my co workers that this stuff is a scam the formula didn’t work for her. Did someone already had the same problem?

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