Prolozone Therapy Scam

What Is Prolozone Therapy and How It Can Help?

For decades, joint pain and muscle pain sufferers have had to rely on pills and surgical procedures that often do not work. The good news is that, now, a therapy known as Prolozone is gaining popularity, which can ensure permanent relief from such conditions.

What does Prolozone therapy mean?

Prolozone Therapy is a therapy that makes use of homeopathic or oxygen-ozone injection to provide relief from pain. This therapy was developed by Dr. Frank Shallenberger. The word ‘prolozone’ comes from ‘proli’, a Latin word which bears the meaning ‘to regenerate’. Literally, therefore, Prolozone refers to rebuilding of tissues using ozone. At the same time, note that the word ‘prolo’ is actually a short form of the word ‘proliferation’. This is significant because the job of the treatment is to lead to proliferation or growth of fresh ligament tissues in weak regions. This non-surgical reconstruction therapy has the ability to provide relief permanently from chronic pain.

How does it work?

The therapy of Prolozone aspires to correct pains in regions where blood supply is absent, like ligaments, cartilages and joints. When blood supply is not present in a region, there is nothing to bring oxygen to the region. What Prolozone does is it temporarily stimulates the area enough to cause blood supply for a while, so that repair of the injury can happen. The treatment achieves its purpose by injecting substances which can produce collagen. Injections used in this therapy contain a mixture of oxygen and ozone gas, and possess the ability to quickly reconstruct any damage or eliminate any weakness.

What issues can be corrected using it?

Prolozone can effectively treat a huge variety of different pains. It can treat chronic pain resulting from an accident, radiating from the lower back region, as well as it can deal with back pain resulting from lumber degeneration. Pain caused by degenerated hips can be corrected using the therapy, too. Apart from that, it can correct hitting joint problem caused due to the absence of any space between two joints. In addition to the ones already mentioned, Prolozone can provide relief from many other conditions that make life difficult by causing too much pain in the body of a patient.

How often can it cure a patient?

More or less, Prolozone can provide permanent pain relief in about 75 percent of cases. The reason the therapy can provide relief permanently is because it often ends up correcting the pathology of a condition.

It is a fact that Prolozone is a relatively fresh procedure in the picture. Yet, at this stage, it is proving to be very promising.