Health Estimates is a member of the Cellular Medicine Association and is qualified to provide P-Shot® / P Shot treatments. This organization sets strict standards for the preparation and administration of platelets, and only members are allowed to use the P-Shot® / P Shot name. Other practitioners who claim to offer similar treatments may be using inferior or unsafe methods, and customers should be cautious when seeking these services. For more information about the O-SHOT® Treatment, visit the Health Estimates website.

The P-Shot®, also known as the Priapus Shot®, is a non-surgical procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to improve sexual functioning in men. PRP is created by spinning a sample of the patient’s blood in a centrifuge to concentrate the healing components, which are then injected into the area of dysfunction. The injection is administered using a small needle, and no general anesthesia or incisions are required. The P-Shot® is designed to stimulate the natural healing process and rejuvenate the penis by promoting the growth of new tissue and blood vessels. The procedure is safe and carries no risk of allergic reactions or other adverse effects. Dr. Hamid Bimesl is a trained practitioner who is qualified to provide the P-Shot®.

The P-Shot® is a regenerative therapy that can improve the size and firmness of erections and enhance sexual performance. It works by injecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a natural substance that promotes healing, into the penis. PRP contains proteins that help blood clot and support cell growth, which can stimulate the renewal of tissue and improve blood flow. Many patients report seeing an improvement in their erections within a few hours of the treatment, and the effects may continue to improve over the next few months. While results may vary, some men may see an increase in length and girth of up to 1.3 inches and 1.1 inches, respectively. However, not all men will experience changes in size, and about 40% of patients may see a 20% increase.

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