Acetaminophen/hydrocodone is utilized as a part of the treatment of back torment, pain, rheumatoid joint inflammation, cough and belongs with the medication class opiate pain relieving mixes. Hazard can’t be precluded amid pregnancy. Acetaminophen/hydrocodone 325 mg/10 mg is named a Schedule 2 controlled substance under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA).

You ought to check with your specialist promptly if any of these symptoms happen when taking acetaminophen/hydrocodone:

More normal:


Frequency not known:

Back, leg, or stomach torments
Dark, dawdle stools
Draining gums
Blood in the pee or stools
Blood in regurgitation
Somewhat blue lips or skin
Cough or raspiness
Dull pee
Diminish in the recurrence of pee
Diminish in pee volume
Troublesome or agitated relaxing
Trouble in passing pee (spilling)
Trouble with relaxing
Trouble with gulping
Quick pulse
Fever with or without chills
General body swelling
General sentiment tiredness or shortcoming
Cerebral pain
Unpredictable, quick or moderate, or shallow relaxing

The antagonistic impacts of hydrocodone are by and large like the unfriendly impacts seen with other opiate analgesics. Acetaminophen is for the most part all around endured when controlled in restorative measurements.

Gastrointestinal reactions with the utilization of acetaminophen are uncommon aside from in alcoholics and after an overdose. Instances of intense pancreatitis have been accounted for once in a while.

Gastrointestinal reaction including sickness, retching, obstruction, and dry mouth are moderately basic impacts of opiate analgesics.

One review has proposed that acetaminophen may accelerate intense biliary torment and cholestasis. The instrument of this impact might be identified with a restraint of prostaglandin and adjustments in the control of the sphincter of Oddi.

Dermatologic symptoms including opiate prompted rashes have been accounted for. General erythematous skin rashes related with acetaminophen have been reported, yet are uncommon. An uncommon instance of bullous erythema related with acetaminophen has been accounted for. Acetaminophen has been related with a danger of uncommon however possibly deadly genuine skin responses know as Stevens-Johnson disorder (SJS), lethal epidermal necrolysis (TEN), and intense summed up exanthematous pustulosis (AGEP).

Hematologic reactions including uncommon instances of thrombocytopenia related with acetaminophen have been accounted for. Intense thrombocytopenia has additionally been reported as having been brought about by sensibility to acetaminophen glucuronide, the real metabolite of acetaminophen. Methemoglobinemia with coming about cyanosis has likewise been seen in the setting of intense overdose.

On account of metabolic acidosis, causality is questionable as more than one medication was ingested. The instance of metabolic acidosis took after the ingestion of 75 grams of acetaminophen, 1.95 grams of headache medicine, and a little measure of a fluid family unit cleaner. The patient likewise had a background marked by seizures which the creators announced may have added to an expanded lactate level demonstrative of metabolic acidosis.

Moreover, you are strongly discouraged to use M367 amid pregnancy!

To wrap it up, be careful how you use acetaminophen/hydrocodone as it may become dangerous if overdosed! Do not do that and take care of yourself! In addition to this, if you experience any side-effects make sure to let your doctor know!

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