Brintellix and Alcohol

Brintellix and Alcohol: What Every Patient on Brintellix Must Know

Under the right conditions, brintellix may prove to be successful when it comes to countering depression and some other mental issues. However, anyone who is taking the drug must take precautions while consuming alcohol.

What is brintellix?

In simple terms, brintellix can be regarded as a kind of antidepressant. It is used to deal with depression types that are somewhat severe. The drug works by balancing chemicals in the brain that become unbalanced when a person becomes depressed.

Brintellix and alcohol

A patient who is taking brintellix must be careful while consuming alcohol. The reason is that brintellix is nothing but vortioxetine, while alcohol is basically ethanol. The two – vortioxetine and ethanol – do not react very positively.

Side-effects of alcohol consumption

Taking alcohol and brintellix within a short span of time is a bad idea. A person who consumes vortioxetine with ethanolĀ is likely to face a number of different side-effects. He may become dizzy, for example, or may face a severe state of drowsiness. Judgment impairment, or reduction in overall thinking capacity, may occur, as well. Other than that, the person may find it extremely difficult to concentrate on important things. In addition to that, consuming brintellix and alcohol within a small duration of time may lead the patient to face psychomotor skill issues. In short, in the absence of proper care or caution, very severe side-effects may emerge.

The right way to go about it

The best thing a patient on vortioxetine can do is avoid alcohol altogether, and rely on beverages that are non-alcoholic. If that is not possible for him, however, he may try reducing the amount of alcohol consumed on a daily basis. Also, it is crucial to take only the recommended amount of vortioxetine on any given day. This is because consuming more vortioxetine than what is prescribed may potentially make things extremely difficult for the person on a mental level.

Other important considerations

In case a patient ends up consuming vortioxetine and ethanol back to back, it is important for him to avoid certain activities. Driving is one thing that must be avoided, as it requires a lot of concentration. Other than that, the task of operating any sensitive machine must be kept on hold until the side-effects are gone.

Brintellix, in itself, may not prove to be very dangerous. But, when combined with alcohol, it may end up doing exactly that.